Fun at Folk Fest and 3rd Friday!

Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy our Imagination Playground blocks at the Folk Festival and 3rd Friday!

Communication, engineering, spatial reasoning, and many other important developmental skills are improved with the use of the “big blue blocks!”
..Plus you can pretend to be Godzilla and knock them all down at once, which is tons of fun.

Both events were great opportunities to get out into the public and spread awareness of our mission: to provide your kids amazing learning opportunities for STEAM activities on Delmarva!

Things went great at the Folk Festival until about midday on Saturday, when it POURED rain (sound familiar?) and we had to pack things up in a hurry. Thanks to everyone who came out prior to the inclement weather, and to all the parents and kids who showed up to say hi!

A siege cannon made from blocks!
A robot dispenser machine! (I think- I couldn’t get a straight answer as to what it was, but it looks super cool.)

This 3rd Friday’s theme was “Weird Science” so we also had a small experiment demonstrating how acids and bases react to pH sensitive paper. Naturally, it wasn’t as eye catching as the blocks, but enough young scientists stopped by to draw and reveal their “hidden messages” with goldenrod paper to make the experience worthwhile.

Thank you for stopping by!

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