Recap: 2022 Hot Chocolate 5K

The 5k begins!

The 2022 Hot Chocolate 5K was a huge success!

Despite the torrential downpour, participants eagerly rose to the occasion and ran their hearts out!
We are unspeakably grateful for their support and enthusiasm. =)

Families and single entrants took part in this year’s race

First place winners by age category:

0-15 F – Lindsay Ford
0-15 M – Andrew Blagus

15-19 F – Ceylan Yesiltas
15-19 M – Coby Calloway

20-29 F – Claudia VanGessel
20-29 M – Steven Maupin

30-39 F – Corey Reeves
30-39 M – Aaron Jones

40-49 F – Elizabeth Quinlan
40-49 M – Robert Schroeder

50-59 F – Nadrat Siddique
50-59 M – Jack DeLosSantos

60+ F – Patti Rector
60+ M – Charles Cherry

We would like to once again, thank all of you for running and supporting MiM this year and every year to come. We hope to see you again each and every year (rain or shine!)

Perseverance doesn’t always mean winning and losing. Perseverance means showing up and rising to the occasion and performing.

-Michael Chiesa

Thank you!!

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