Fun at October’s 3rd Friday downtown!

Minds in Motion had a blast at 3rd Friday in downtown Salisbury on the 21st – we love meeting local parents and kids! Obviously our primary mission is campaigning for interest in our museum, but letting the kids burn off energy with educational toys is a big plus!

The new magnetic Gear Wall (teaching mechanical fundamentals through play!). On the flip side of the board is a large drawing pad and markers for kids to make BIG art.
The ‘big blue blocks,’ Imagination Playground blocks, are always a hit. Just don’t hit anybody with them.

Thanks to everyone who came out to explore our new magnetic Gear/Art Wall and play with the big blue blocks!

We look forward to seeing you next month at November’s 3rd Friday! (The theme for that one is LIGHTS.. expect some fun surprises!)

Do you have an interesting idea for a project/build we could build for family events?

Email us your ideas!


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