June’s Salisbury 3rd Friday

Going into June’s Third Friday, with the theme being “Paw Prints”, we created a fun experiment replicating cat eyes. We used basic materials such as empty tin cans, tin foil, plastic sheets, and cardboard. Cutting the plastic sheets into the shape of eyes, we covered the two cans we made with it. One can had cardboard on the bottom while the other had tin foil. When shinning a light into the can with tin foil, we demonstrated the reflective layer in the back of a cat’s eye called the tapetum lucidum. This works like a mirror and helps the cats see better at night. The other tin can was to represent the average human eye, which won’t reflect back. During the span of the three hours we were there, we had multiple kids come to our station and shine a light into the cans to show them the experiment while their parents learned more about Minds in Motion.

We can’t wait for July’s 3rd Friday STEM project!

~Vincent, Minds in Motion Student Ambassador & Third Friday Event Co-Chair

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