Welcome to Founding 50

We are excited to announce a Founding 50 family today! Teresa, Dan, and their children, Shawn and Jack Niblett!
“Our family is excited about Minds in Motion Children’s Museum enhancing the lives of our community! How blessed we will be when this space opens. Children and families can learn and grow in brilliant ways without driving to Baltimore, Philadelphia, or DC.”
Thank you Niblett family for your continued support for our organization! We value your commitment!

Founding 50: Martha Ring

Mrs. Martha Ring is our next Founding 50 member!

“I just want to encourage families to spend time with their children exploring with them. Also to raise them to understand the world they live in, to ask questions, to have a dream and reach for it. Minds are so impressionable from a very early age; why not have fun learning while growing?!”
– Martha Ring

Thank you for your support from the very beginning of MiM. We are extremely excited to have you as a Founding 50 member!

Founding 50 Member: Jackie Fowler

Thank you to Ms. Jacqueline Fowler for becoming a Founding 50 Member. Ms. Fowler can’t wait to have a children’s museum here and is confident children won’t be the only ones playing in it.

We are so very appreciative of your support in and around the community! Thanks again!

The Choi’s become Founding 50 members!

Pleased to announce this couple, Ho-Kyu & Hyoe-Jung Choi. They have supported MiM from the beginning:

“I am a public school teacher and an artist. My husband and I support the idea of having a children’s museum in our town. Also we would like to help to build it as a member of the community.”

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Choi for your dedication to building a children’s museum in Salisbury!!

Pavlekovich children become Founding 50 members

We have been excited to announce our next Founding 50 members!
Stevie Hazel and Rowan Sage Pavlekovich
In the spirit of discovery, learning and imagination.

“Stevie and Rowan are two girls that embody these ideas. Having the opportunity in helping to bring the “Minds in Motion Children’s Museum” closer to completion is something we wanted our daughters to be a part of since its inception. The girls saved their own money from birthdays, holidays and even raising money from egg sells. We as a family look forward to the presences of this dedicated facility to the children of the Eastern Shore and knowing that our girls played a small part in this is comforting.”- Jess & Dr. Chad Pavlekovich

We couldn’t agree more with these parents! Thank you Stevie & Rowan &  a HUGE welcome to the Founding 50!
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Mr. & Mrs. Leonard become the next Founding 50

Thank you to Steve & Kim Leonard for becoming our newest Founding 50 members! We appreciate your efforts and are very excited for the impact that you’re making in and around our community!

📷 credit: Metropolitian Magazine

CFES awards MiM grant

What better way to announce that we were awarded our very FIRST grant than with future children’s museum members 😊. Many thanks to @communityfoundationes for all that you do for our community and for helping us bring this need to our beautiful city! #explore #discover #create

Perdue Family becomes Founding 50 members

Thank you to the Perdue family for becoming our newest Founding 50 member. Jim & Jan have supported our organization since the beginning of our project. We sincerely appreciate all your efforts to make our community a better place for our families. Thanks again!!

📷 credit @ Metropolitian Magazine